What exactly does ModeColors produce?

Is the price quantity-driven?

Mode is a producer of color cards, fan decks, color chip charts, color swatches, sample/test panels and much more. Mode also has the ability to convert customer supplied material like wood, vinyl, paper, plastics and leather into sample cards or sample books and decks.


The chipping process is like conventional printing in that there is certain inevitable set-up costs that are required regardless of the quantity ordered. Naturally, as the quantity produced increases, the impact of the set-up and unit costs decreases.

I need a short turnaround period for a large order. Is this possible?

How long does it typically take to produce a color card or fan deck?

Because each order is unique (number of colors, finishes, etc) we would need to discuss how quickly we could produce your order. In general, a typical color card might take 4-8 weeks to produce. We have produced cards in as little as two weeks as well. We have options to offer you a quick turnaround, contact a member of our sales team.

Color cards typically take 4-8 weeks to produce once the art and standards are received. Other types of color collateral; and sampling will vary. It is always a good idea to consult with your ModeColors sales representative to determine any scheduling constraints.

What information do I need to request a quote?

What types of marketing tools are you producing?

Quoting a color chart is relatively simple. It can be broken down into three parts: printing, chipping, and finishing. Chipping is the unique part of the process; critical data would include the number and size of desired color chips and what kind of finishes. Mode has the ability to recreate solid and metallic finishes, various types of textures, as well as wood grains. It is important to know the types of finishes to be reproduced to accurately estimate the job and select the proper chip substrate. As far as printing and finishing specifics go, it would be no different than any other print job. You may wish to consult with ModeColors sales representative on proper print stock selection based on the chipping requirements. Lastly, the quantity is always needed. Other types of sampling and color collateral will be more involved and we suggest you contact your ModeColors sales representative for assistance.


- Colour Card

Serving colour panellings on paper/carton and in different sizes such as A0, A1, A2 and A3 as alternative-sized chips.

- Fan Decks

Serving colour panellings in the range of colours by screwed in alternative-sized and exact labelled chips.

- Color Display

Serving colour panellings on dekota or foamcore surfaces in different thickness and size as alternative-sized chips.

- Panel Brochure

Serving colour panellings on different sized and weighted cellophane paper/carton surfaces such as A4 and A5 as alternative-sized chips.

- Panelling Library

Serving multi-unit panellings on customised steel and aluminium surfaces in different length and thickness by packing with filing or stretch film.

- Salesperson Kit

Salesperson portfolio that includes colour card and chart sections specialised for companies.

- Sample/Test Panels

Test Panels are available in various sizes, thickness and finishes, including bare steel, iron phosphated steel, bare aluminium and chromated aluminium.


2015 © Copyright All Rights Reserved,  by ModeColors

2015 © Copyright All Rights Reserved,  by ModeColors